Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Professional position, passion and personal power

As I browse my Twitter feed and various trends this afternoon, I can’t help but notice a clear pattern about the workplace, personal passion, complacency and the correlation between these three components.
If you’re like the vast majority of American workers, the workplace is where the bulk of waking hours are spent. Because of this, an occupation becomes a direct reflection of the employee’s personality and how that role is acted out becomes a replica of their value system. When the way the day is spent becomes more of just a job over a cultivated craft, dissatisfaction ensues.
Professional business motivator, Lolly Daskal, says it best:
“If you have cared for your customers, it’s personal. If you have lost sleep over a client, it’s personal. If you have gone out of your way for a colleague, it’s personal. If you stayed extra hours to help a team member, it’s personal. What drives us each day to get up and go to work and work long hours is the fact that we think we are making a difference, contributing to the world around us. If it wasn’t personal, then why would we even be doing it?”
So, seek the career you love and treat your coworkers with respect and about go forth with eagerness, heart and dedication. Treat your job like the reflection of yourself that it is because work is always personal.
Find your passion and make it your goal to achieve that and you will succeed!

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