Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Steps To a Conversation: "The Brett Siler Basics of Business”

Brett Siler

Introduction: The 3 Non Verbals

                     S.E.E. Principles

                                  Smile: Mirror Effect
                                  Eye Contact: Establishes Trust                                  Excitement: Excitement is Contagious

                     Ice Breaker

                                  Relax the Person and Yourself
                                  Keep It Short and Simple -(Use Humor)
                                  Who, What and Why -(Keep It to 10-15 Seconds)
                                  Ask Yes/Yes Questions
                                  Possession is 9/10 of the Law
                                  Show the Value/Stress the Deal
                                  Help Them See that the Product will Work for Them

Short Story: -K.I.S.S IT

                       K.I.S.S. Principal

                       Qualify Yourself

                       Qualify Them

Presentation: -Meat and Potatoes

                      Put the Product in their Hands

                      Use the Circle Method

People Remember the First and Last Thing They are Told

                     Paint the Picture

Close: -ABC (Always Be Closing)

                        With Confidence

Listen and Watch for Buying Signs, Then Stop, Answer, and Close
Use your Jones Effect with Fingerprints and Others That Have Helped Out
                                    Assume The Sale

Rehash: -PUBS

                         Double Your Cash

Pitch Multiples (2,4,6,) Go for the Gusto
Use Examples (Gifts, B-Days, Toys 4 Tots, Fire Houses, etc.)
Be Direct (Takes 30 Seconds, Cash, Check, or Charge!!)
Stress the Deal (Suggested Retail for X  Amt…Today Half Price)

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