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Business Owner Brett Siler “Gives Back” by Making Personal Donations to Operation Smile Brett Siler, a successful business owner, gives back to his community by donating to national charities.

Brett Siler by Making Personal Donations to Operation Smile  
PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 09, 2010 - 
[Los Angeles, CA] (September 9, 2010) – Brett Siler, a business owner and business consultant, plans to make monetary donations to Operation Smile.  

By making these donations, Brett Siler will help Operation Smile fulfill their various goals, which include providing free surgeries for children born with cleft lip or cleft palate.  At Operation Smile, donations will pay for a surgery that will change a child’s life forever.  Each of these simple surgeries will allow them to gain the confidence they need to grow and mature into an adult.    

“When I heard about Operation Smile I could not wait to get involved.  I am blown away by how many people have put aside their economic problems and focused on helping these children have a better life,” says Brett Siler.

Brett Siler has owned several businesses and been a part of different sales and marketing industries since 2001.  He started his career in the field of sales and marketing.  Siler later decided to become an entrepreneur in 2003 and opened up his first business.  Since 2003 Siler has owned companies focused in the industry of sales and marketing.  He works with companies to provide them with a sales force that increase the customer base and market share.  He has proven to be a top performer in his industry. His experience in directing business to business sales teams, residential sales teams as well as retail vendor sales teams prepared him for entrepreneurship.

Because of the success that Siler has experienced over the last ten years, he has decided to give back to the community by getting involved with charities.   In addition to Operation Smile, Siler has future plans to get involved with several different charities and organizations.  

“At this point in my life I have experienced a lot of success and I have also had my fair share of failures.  The mistakes I have made in the past have allowed me to grow into the business owner I am today.  If it hadn’t been for the support of others giving to me when they really didn’t have to, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today.  This life lesson is one of the reasons I feel so passionate about getting involved in with the community.  It makes me feel good to know I can help others in a time of need,” says Siler.

Siler is currently working with and consulting several different businesses in his industry and plans to get them involved with additional organizations and charities.  Siler has future plans which include expanding his business into several additional states.  He plans on influencing his business partners to contribute to the community as well. As his business grows his goals include increasing his involvement with foundations and charities such as Operation Smile.   

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