Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8 Great Work Habits: "Habits of a Successful Businessman"

Brett Siler - Habits of a Successful Bussinessman
1. Have A Great Attitude:

   Your Attitude will Determine your Success
   Surround Yourself with Winners and Soon you will Become One.

2. Be On Time:

   If You’re Not Early, You’re Late
   Timing is Essential for Management

3. Be Prepared:

   Be a Strategist Plan Ahead
   Think and Be Organized for Every Possible Situation

4. Work Your Full 8 Hours:

   Go the Extra Mile to Achieve your Goals
   That is what you are Supposed to Do

5. Work Your Territory Correctly:

   It’s a Numbers Game - Talk to Everyone
   Believe in the LOA - 1 out of 10

6.  Maintain Your Attitude:

   Protect your Attitude - Each “No” is Closer to a “Yes”
   Mental Toughness - Start and End with a Great Attitude

7. Know Why You Are Here:

   Know your Purpose for Being Here
   Family:Fortune:Fame:Freedom Never Forget

8. Take Control:

   Of your Situation: Of your Customer
   Most importantly of your Future

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