Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brett Siler's 4 P's of Success

                        4 P's of Success

  • Planning
Start your week off on a Sunday."Most people plan to succeed but fail to plan."
  • Preparation
Organize your day before it begins. Make sure you have the tools you need all the way down to something as simple as a pen. "Preparation for me starts with the way I dress, if you look good if you feel good, and if you feel good you perform at high levels. Always polish those shoes and have a nice pressed suit."  
  • Practice
"I understand this concept from my sports background to run an effective play you must  practice it over, over, and over again. Always continue to sharpen your saw."
  • Performance 
"Take pride in what you do, strive to be the best in your industry, set high goals hold yourself accountable."

  Write down the task or the goal that you are trying to achieve. Include initiatives that you need to meet and if you are doing it with a team make sure to know what each team member is wanting to accomplish. 

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