Friday, April 19, 2013

Brett Siler's Difference Between a Lead and a Referral

A lead is simply a name and number. A referral is personal information or a personal introduction made on your behalf by phone or email. 

Why Are Referrals Necessary?

  • Closing percentage is much higher
  • Shortens the sale cycle
  • Makes your job easier
Common Mistakes
  • Not asking at all
  • Asking for referrals after a HARD NO
  • Getting a warm lead and calling it a referral
Three Keys To Success
  1. Asking people who say yes or no for referrals
  2. Ask everyone (friends, family, prospects) everywhere (lunch spots, in lines)
  3. Ask three questions to get one referral
Three Question Rule
  1. How long have you been in business? 
  2. Who do you respect most in the community?
  3. How do you know them?

  1. Do you know your neighbors?
  2. Do you know the owner?
  3. Great, what is their name?
Ask for the Introduction
  • Once you get a name/number, ask "Do you have time to call them right now and introduce me?"

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