Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brett Siler's Creating Personal Relationships (CPR)

What Is CPR??

  Creating Personal Relationships is the act of building rapport with your customer within the first 30 seconds of meeting them.

Why Is CPR Necessary?
  • First step in developing trust with your customer
  • Helps to shift you from "salesperson and customer" to "peer to peer"
  • You elicit referrals and more business
Common Mistakes
  • Poor eye contact with your customer
  • Interrupting your customer while they are speaking
  • Elaborating to much
Three Keys to Success
  • Connect with your customer on a personal level
  • Show an interest in who your customer is 
  • Listen to what your customer is saying while they are speaking
How Do You Create Personal Relationships?

Body Language
  • Make eye contact
  • Always dress to success
  • Be prepared
Get Personal
  • Share a personal story 
  • Ask about F.O.R.D. (Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams)
Pay Attention!
  • Notice things about your customer
  • Do not Judge!

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