Monday, April 29, 2013

The Fast Track To Ownership

The Fast Track To Ownership

Always have a winning attitude 24/7 

  • Be prepared for anything throughout the day and keep a positive attitude when things are not always going right.
  • Its ok to question yourself, always be solution oriented and not problem conscience 
  • Teach your mind to find solutions and not focus on the problems
  • Know your product knowledge
  • Demonstrate a system over and over again
  • Always be consistent with a positive attitude, it determines everything
Teaching The System
  • Teaching equals knowing, therefore if you know the system well enough you should be able to teach it to your team 
  • Always being productive
  • Take notes during meetings and one on ones 
  • Be sure to have a purpose and set goals for yourself that you want to reach and be sure to follow them through to the end
Go The Extra Mile
  • Do what other people are not doing to get ahead
  • Take the extra step to help yourself and others get ahead, be the leader to those who might need the extra help 

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