Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brett Siler's The Five Levels of Leadership

"Why People Follow Other People"

Position "Results"
 People follow other people because they have to not because they want to. The influence you have on others will not expand beyond the means of your job description. The longer you remain, the higher the possible turn over and lower the morale. Others may start to limit you and block you. You can not stay here more than two years.

Permission "Relationships"
People follow because they want to. People will follow you beyond your authority, this allows your work environment to be fun and active. Caution: Remaining on this level can create people to become restless and unmotivated.

Production "Results"
People will follow you because of the results you have received for the business. This is where success is sensed by the majority of people. They like you and the admire the way you run the business. Problems tend to be fixed with very little effort at this point because of momentum. (Don't let the momentum stop!)

People Development "Reproduction"
People follow you because of the way you have personally touched their lives. This is where long term growth occurs. Your commitment to developing and guiding leaders will ensure ongoing growth to the business and to the people. Strive to do the best you can do to stay on this level.

Person-hood "Respect"
People follow you because of who you are and what you represent. Reserved for true leaders this step is spent years growing people and businesses. Very few succeed and those who do succeed are bigger than life!

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