Monday, April 22, 2013

Brett Siler's Assumptive Closing

What is an Assumptive Close?
A logical step-by-step process that assumes the customer is buying.

Why Is This Necessary?

  • To help the prospect make a smart decision
  • It's the next logical step in the conversation
  • The customer rarely says "sign me up"
Common Mistakes
  • Failing to pull out the service agreement
  • Failing to take control of the conversation
  • Waiting for a customer to say "I'd like to buy this" or "Sign me up"
Three Keys To Success
  1. When you ask a question, look down at the Agreement with a pen in hand
  2. Don't leave until you get three No's 
  3. If you receive a "no" anywhere in the close, present a NEW fact, benefit, implication
What Are The Steps To Close A Customer?
  1. Explain the way you do business and why everyone loves it
  2. Conduct the credit check
  3. Get the service agreement details and make sure to read through the agreement and ask all necessary questions
  4. Review the service agreement with your customer and go over any questions they may have 
  5. Get the customers signature on the service agreement and all necessary documents
  6. Solidify the sale

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